Talent Center for Human Resources Management

Posted at : Jan. 8, 2018

Years of Experience :
10 years
Career Level :
Job Status :
Full time
Salary Range :
not mentioned
Vacancies :
not mentioned
Job Type :
Location :
Education level :
master's degree
Gender :
Industry :

     - Automotive/machinery & equipment

Job role :

     - Business/Management

Speciality :

     - Business/Management/accounting

Job Description :

Responsible for overall company operations. The aim is to increase and ensure customer satisfaction, appropriate profits and a good company atmosphere. The profit potentials also need to be secured and expanded 


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About the company

Founded in February 2012, Talent Center for Human Resources Management, Consultancy & Training aims to enhance an organization’s HR function, capitalize on capacity building and provide products & solutions for HR best practices.


  • Our activities support the clients’ strategic plan and human capital challenges.

  • We take direction from our client top leadership who is responsible for establishing strategic direction.

  • We provide services to employees that enhance their capacity to respond to organizational changing needs.

  • We partner with human resources to produce Talent’s proficiency of achieving the strategic goals of our clients.

  • We create partnerships with reputable expertise to enhance our own capabilities and performance.


Talent Center strives to empower HR teams to become the best they can be by using the right tools for the job. It is our aim to understand clearly our esteemed partner’s business and key objectives and work together employing best practices to excel.

With supportive global network of independent training & consultancy providers, we will exceed our client’s expectations, and by way of professional, flexible, and premium standards we ensure excellent training and consultancy service every time.


  • Teamwork: enhance people interaction for more energetic and enthusiastic work environment for outstanding results.

  • Ambition: for long-lasting learning

  • Leadership: foster for HR leading role to fulfill business needs & people development.

  • Enabling people; to enhance business growth

  • Network: nurture for diversified international & national training and consultancy providers, to exceed our stakeholders’ expectations.

  • Trust: to remain your provider of choice