General Manager

a Leading Group Company

Posted at : Jan. 14, 2018

Years of Experience :
More than 15 years
Career Level :
Job Status :
Full time
Salary Range :
not mentioned
Vacancies :
3 vacancies
Job Type :
Location :
Education level :
master's degree
Gender :
Industry :

     - Automotive/machinery & equipment

Job role :

     - Business/Management

Speciality :

     - Business/Management/accounting

     - Engineering-mechanical

     - other

Job Description :


The objective of this position is responsible for managing, developing and promoting a single core business in Company by working with the MD to achieve the group overall objectives.


 He has the authority to carry out these responsibilities, in accordance with the direction and policies established by the group



  1. Contribute in formulating the overall group strategies.

  2. Responsible for preparing and executing his core business strategies.

  3. Set goals and clearly communicate to all departments within his core business to ensure that strategies are properly implemented.

  4. Promote group’s mission and values.

  5.  Manage risks and ensures that corrective actions be taken.

  6. Involve in developing the overall group budget.

  7. Manage and control approved budget and ensure departments adhere to it .

  8. provide reports to MD and board of directors.

  9. Manage and direct overall operations of the core business.

  10. Decides and guides courses of action in all aspects of business.

  11. Oversees and drive  the business’s success by delivering profitability of the business by ensuring high customer  satisfaction.

  12. develop programs to attract customer and solicit their feedback.

  13. Ensure inventory is stocked and consistently replenished.

  14. Motivate and encourage employees.

  15. Generates new business and gives recommendation      of new projects.

  16. Ensures the best practices are being met.

  17. Attends board meetings and other presentations.

18. any other duties assigned by his superiors.



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