Senior Accountant


Posted at : Oct. 7, 2019

Years of Experience :
3 years - 6 years
Career Level :
Job Status :
Full time
Salary Range :
not mentioned
Vacancies :
2 vacancies
Job Type :
Location :
Education level :
bachelor's degree
Gender :
Industry :

     - Agriculture/Animal Production

     - Food/Beverages

Job role :

     - Accounting/Finance/Audit

Speciality :

     - Business/Management/accounting

Job Description :

  • Accounts Payable: i) receiving client invoices, procurement purchase forms and employee salary claims and in-turn approving and making payments towards claims and requests made by clients, coworkers and top-management. ii) Approving, recording and logging all payments made using suitable procedures, documentation and accounts recording practices. 

  • Accounts Receivable: i) Maintaining detailed customer credit and debit accounts using Excel, Accounting and/or ERP software and; ii) using customer accounts balance statements to inform risk-management decisions and approvals of sales-invoices and delivery orders issued by sales. 

  • Management Accounting: Maintaining statements of the company’s financial standings and managing t short and long term liabilities, ensuring that the processes of sound planning and timely payment of liabilities is carried out. They must also ensure that top-management is regularly updated and advised on the risk of default in order to inform their daily financial decision making. 

  • Tax & Government Accounting: Develop and manage the company’s relationship with the relevant Tax authorities, advise top-management on tax-related regulations and ensure operation within the regulations which govern the company’s business activities.

  • Reporting: Produce weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reports for: i) expenses and accounts paid, ii) sales (in coordination with sales department), revenue and client accounts with relevant outstanding receivables and receivable risk analysis, iii) short and long term liabilities and default-risk analysis and recommendations. The three accounting statements must also be produced on a quarterly and annual basis and presented at Board meetings.


  • Part or complete ACCA Qualification;

  • Fluency in Arabic and English;

  • IT skills necessary to allow the effective use of Microsoft Excel and any accounting or ERP Software used by the company following the necessary training. 

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About the company

Bayader is a flour-milling startup, founded in 2019, and is involved in the acquisition and milling of Wheat and the subsequent sales and distribution of the Wheat milling outputs.