Organizational Development

Sabal Holding Co.

Posted at : June 29, 2019

Years of Experience :
3 years
Career Level :
Job Status :
Full time
Salary Range :
not mentioned
Vacancies :
not mentioned
Job Type :
Location :
Closes at :
Aug. 1, 2019
Industry :

     - Telecommunications/ICT

Job role :

     - Human Resources

Speciality :

     - other

Job Description :

Job Summary

The organisational development specialist will be reporting to the HR Manager and is required to implement and oversee methodologies to strengthen employee abilities and knowledge, increase efficiency, and improve leadership to maintain the overall health of an organization. 


Respsoniblities and Tasks

- Review and update and manage the orgnisation structure of the company

- Develop and manage salary scales and structures

- Develop and manage job descriptions and titles

- Conduct work load analysis on all roles

- Develop and manage succession plans

- Develop and manage performance management system

- Conduct perormance appraisals and evaluations

- Develop and manage training programs and competence development programs of the organisation

- Coordinate and report to management on the development of the organisation and setting the strategy to match the overall business strategy

- To manage and evaluate the utilization of the organisation

- To improve the effeciency of the organisation

- Follow and implement international standards and best practices in OD and HR

- Any other related activities that will lead to the development of the organisation and support the other HR functions

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About the company

·        Sabal Holding Company is a family business, established and developed through different business names, brands and specializations since the 1980s. Basically focusing on providing engineering services covering multiple areas. In the present, the group consists of small companies namely: Sabal Telecom Solutions (2011), Sudana Electromechanical (1984), and Interface Co. Ltd (2014).